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Speidel Watch Band Adjustment

The Speidel watch band Adjustment is for women's watches with v-shaped magnets, it's a small, yet sturdy adjuster that keep your watch in place. Made of stainless steel, this adjuster is tough and stable, it's a top-of-the-line tool for keeping your watch in check.


18-22mm Speidel Express Two Tone

By Speidel Express


Speidel Watch Band Adjustment Walmart

The stainless steel expansion watch band is a top-rated alternative to adjust the size, shape or just the ends of the band to your liking, the band is 17-22 mm wide and extends adjustable ends that can be made to look like a Speidel watch. This new band is sure to make your watch stand out in any modern setting, with its design, it is up to date and stylish. The 13 mm size is valuable for modern watches with small size fractions, the band is likewise comfortable and stylish. The Speidel watch band is a peerless alternative to adjust the width and length of your stainless steel watch band, the band is available in 16-21 mm widths and renders a flexible stainless steel silver watch band. This band is terrific for watches with a twist-on design or a more modern look, 20 mm Adjustment range. Adjustment screws for safety, tangle free life for your Speidel watches.