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Stauer Watch Bands

Are you digging for a stylish and functional watch band? Look no more than the sport watch hybrid mens watch, this watch band extends a stylish sport watch design on the left side and a digital analog layout on the right side. The band is additionally waterproof and durable which is prime for admirers keeping you on the go, plus, the bullet watchband gives a quick change system which makes it straightforward to customize your watch band.

Stauer Watch Band Replacement

This is a practical deal on a new watch band! The watch band is top-notch for keeping your watch casey and keeps it true to form with your favorite brand, if you're digging for a watch band that allows you to adopt both your left and right your left hand in case that right-handed) then the sport watch hybrid mens watch is the right band for you. The band is fabricated from a hybrid between a watch and a traditional watch, and it grants a digital sub-dome in the form of a digital sapphire crystal, the watch band extends two small screws at the top which allow you to adjust the tightness. It's also been made from durable plastic for extra durability, finally, the band renders a small hole in the top for access. The sport watch hybrid mens watch bullet watchband is a sensational addition to all watch, it presents a modern look and feels comfortable to wear. The watch band is produced of 14-lettered burgundy color and imparts a comfortable fit, this is a sport watch hybrid mens watch. It offers a watch band pins and a display, the watch gives an 3 o'clock position fixings and a black anodized aluminum frame. The watch has a black leather strap and the display tells time with a white digits indicator, the watch is temperature regulated and has a locked digital display.